Prioritise you.
The AI does the rest.

No more time wasted in note-taking & refining them after meetings. Just plug in KudasAI & watch the magic.
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KudasAI - Agile AI sidekick for remote project teams | Product Hunt
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How it works


Amplify Productivity, Unlock the Power of Collaboration and Effortless Discovery

Smart Tickets, Smartly Generated by AI.

Automated Note-taking

Orchestrate Flawlessly.

KudasAI streamlines remote meetings, reclaiming 30-40% of time lost in performing unproductive tasks like note-taking & refining tasks. Participants focus on collaborating better, which means improved engagement for your team!

Seamlessly integrated with your team's workflow in just a few simple steps.
Assign tasks to teammates & directly send them into your Project Management tool.
Shared summary digests with everyone in the team. Keep stakeholders looped into the conversation.
How it works

Focus on the things that Matter.

Taking notes while running a meeting can be annoying & takes away attention from deep discussions & key contributions. We've found the most effective fix for this.
Integrates with your existing workflow
KudasAI automatically syncs with your team's communication channels
Effortless Efficiency with AI
Semantic AI pre-selects the most effective note-formats, making it simple to follow & collaborate
Complete Integration

Built by Product teams for everyone.

Automate note-taking so your team members can properly engage in discussions. Leave task creation to the AI.

Threads make it easy to follow up on all previous discussion notes
Universal search uses Hybrid Search algorithms to summarise any conversation based on context
AgileFlow makes creating & refining tasks seamless in a single view
How it works

The AI Sidekick to Supercharge your Team Meetings

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